“Dancers float like astronauts. Or maybe as ghosts, with fluttering clothes instead of spacesuits…It looks beautiful.” – Dick van Teylingen, Theaterkrant

Projected each night of the Festival, Un-retained is a project by Sandman – a collaboration between choreographer Sabine Molenaar, multimedia artist Gertjan Biasino and composer Jochem Baelus. They combine dance, audiovisual production and digital techniques such as projection mapping and holographic projection to form an enthralling synergy. With each presentation this video mapping installation is molded in tune with that specific in- or outdoor location, creating a timeless and weightless story of being human.  

Bodies – floating and pliable at about ten meters high between the buildings in the city center. Timeless,weightless. We stand still and look up. As a matter of course we breathe with the breathless apparitions. 

Then they dissolve in the vacuum. A poetic visual story that brings silence into an overwhelming world, let us forget time, space and gravity; it slows our heartbeat and plunges us into a universe of tranquillity. The experience that both overwhelms and invites contemplation becomes tangible through a seamless combination of the everyday familiarity of real bodies and hidden technical ingenuity. 

A spectacle of calm and modesty. Grand and at the same time intimate.

Exact location to be revealed – please check back closer to the festival or email [email protected] for more information. 


Production Credits:

Concept & Choreography: Sabine Molenaar 

Technical Concept: Gertjan Biasino 

Composer: Jochem Baelus 

Performers/freedivers: Gunther Polle, Corentin Dockx, Thierry Dockx, An Meirsman, Thibault Dockx, Sabine Molenaar + Umiko Dockx Molenaar 

Freediving advice: Thibault Dockx 

Production manager: Filip Timmermans 

Camera: Alexandra Brixy 

Camera: Cinediving/ Wim Michels 

Camera-assistent: Adrien Lengrand 

Safety freediving: Jeroen van Haudt 

Postproduction/ Video mapping: Gertjan Biasino 

Dramaturgical advice: Nienke Rooijakkers 

Production: Sandman 

Executive producers: DansBrabant & Kosmonaut 

Coproduction: DansBrabant, GLOW Eindhoven 


Image Credit: Sandman