Explore the unique world of Minnie Rubinski in this immersive production taking over the Fruitmarket Warehouse.

Minnie Rubinski is a woman with strong opinions. In an era of patriarchy she forged her own path, breaking social boundaries, and now recalls her Fantastic Life – but what is real and what is fantasy…? And does it really matter? 

This unique production involves filmed memories from her childhood to the present day, using a cast of beautifully carved marionettes, placed in perfectly detailed period sets.  

Part theatre production, part filmed puppetry show, part installation, audience members are invited to piece together Minnie Rubinski’s life story. Wander through an organic landscape of trailing synapses and connect together Minnie’s fragmented memories to discover her true and fantastic life. 

Created during the pandemic, the piece is inspired by Kim Bergsagel’s (Vision Mechanics’ Creative Director) experience of her mother’s rapid onset of dementia. Adapted from fragments of phone calls and family anecdotes, the story is funny, sad and at times nonsensical. 

The Fantastic Life of Minnie Rubinski is an intimate and personal experience, with audience members entering in small groups of up to 5 people at 30-minute intervals (the full experience will be around 45 minutes). 

Supported by Creative Scotland’s Open Fund, The William Syson Foundation, The Golsoncott Foundation, The Hugh Fraser Foundation and The Leche Trust.

Production Credits:

Creative Directors: Kim Bergsagel and Symon Macintyre

Writers: Eszter Marsalko, Kim Bergsagel and Symon Macintyre

Music Score: Ewan Macintyre


Ewan Macintyre: Guitars, Percussion, Bass, Mandolin, Keys, Sound FX

Gabrielle Richard: Violin

Karine Bouchard: Cello

Simon Babin Bouchard: Trumpet

Nathan Bissonnette: Saxophones

Arthur Smith: Drumkit, Bass, Guitar

Antoine Larocque: Keys, Accordion

Sets and Costumes: Ingrid Scholes

Sets and Props: Alice Knight

Puppeteers: Kim Bergsagel, Jessica Innes and Helen Belbin

Design Assistants: Daniel Tysen, Mandy Fitzsimmons, Annie Linfitt and Natacha Lee

Scenic Painter: Eve Murray

Filming and Editing: Symon Macintyre and Eszter Marsalko

Marionette Carving: Kim Bergsagel

Minnie’s Voice: Lois Markle

Vision Mechanics Administration: Susan Wilson and Anne Fleming

Image Credit: Vision Mechanics