The Dab Hands are looking for each other. They are gathering to give the Manipulate Festival opening a big hand. But they keep missing each other. You’d think that would be impossible given that they are 3 metres tall and light up like beacons in the night, but they’re not the brightest all the same. Please help them where you can, and give them a wave if you see one!

The Dab Hands are an invitation to play for any age. They are giant colourful light-up hand puppets bringing playfulness, colour and warmth to the chilly February streets.

Check back in January for an update on where in the city to find the hands over our opening and closing weekends of the festival.

by Ronan McMahon, Lucy McGreal and Suzie Fergusson.

Design by Fergus Dunnet

Image Credit: Fergus Dunnet