“When the first living thing existed, I was there waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job will be finished” – Neil Gaiman – Dream Country

Sand is a story which tells of a very old mythical being – the Sandman. Accounts of this mysterious character are ubiquitous across the globe, yet his form continually shifts – some accounts paint him as a trickster, others a demon, some as a hero and to a few he is a God, the God of Dreams and of Stories.

The Sandman puts people to sleep by sprinkling magic sand in their eyes, invoking beautiful dreams or the darkest of nightmares. The only trace of his visit is residual grit in the eyes upon waking.

Sand is a highly visual work-in-progress performance, blending theatrical styles to bring the Sandman’s world to life though movement, object manipulation and shadow puppetry. Through this lens we will explore our dreams and face our nightmares.

Daniel Livingston is a multi-skilled theatre and film maker who has worked across the U.K. and Internationally. He has worked on many different productions, in many different roles, from director, designer, Puppeteer, Makeup Artist to performer.

He has worked professionally with notable theatre and film companies, such as Channel 4, National Theatre of Scotland, Citizens Theatre, Vanishing Point, Cirque du Soleil and the BBC.

Petre Dobre, originally from Romania and now based in Glasgow, is working as an actor and director for stage and screen. He graduated with a BA in Performance (BSL/English) in 2018 and uses visual vernacular to create powerful storytelling, combining movement, facial expressions and iconic BSL signs.

Presented in partnership with SURGE as part of their Bursary Programme.

Image credit: Daniel Livingston and Alice Muir Weissbrodt