An innovative piece of physical theatre focusing on the unreliability of memory – the interpretations, the misunderstandings – with a mischievous narrative trying frantically to fit the pieces of a woman’s life together. Based in Dundee, the company’s dynamic, collaboratively devised ensemble work recently featured in events celebrating the opening of city’s V & A Museum of Arts & Design.

I was incredible impressed by the emotional impact of the piece. It brought to mind chilling contemporary horror stories like Black Mirror and Us – both popular and attractive to audiences who don’t traditionally, attend theatre The Byre Theatre

The work has the ability to challenge its spectators through its play on memory and perspective – using bold music and strong characterisation in accompaniment with often frantic and loaded physical material. Red Stripped Festival


Nunah is an exciting physical theatre company based in Dundee. Nunah creates original, visually stunning, emotionally resonant productions, sometimes inside theatres, but also in other public spaces. You may have seen Nunah recently outside Dundee train station or popping up in the V and A. We make high energy, innovative, uniquely staged, story-driven theatre. We have developed a trademark style of experimental performance, which always begins from a process of physical improvisation and play. All our work recognises the audiences is there and responds to them. This may be making work on a theme or to inhabit a certain space.