A golden age is ending. There have been three years of winter. The sun hangs low in the sky, unmoving, and the bonds of kinship are failing.

The world is breaking…

A young girl and boy battle to seek a future in promised land, moving through a fractured world as dreams and reality clash around them.

A collision of ancient myth and modern spectacle, inspired by the cyclical Norse myth of the same name, Ragnarok is a story of fate and self-determination, of gods and mortals, of the world’s end and its rebirth.

Since forming in 2010 – and presenting its first ever performance at a Puppet Animation Scotland event – Tortoise in a Nutshell has developed into a multi-award winning visual theatre company that has presented its work to audiences with critical acclaim throughout the UK and internationally.

Ragnarok has been created as an international co-production with Figurteatret i Nordland, Norway and in association with the MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling.

One of Scotland’s most innovative and versatile visual theatre companies. Exeunt Magazine


Tortoise in a Nutshell are a multi-award winning visual theatre company dedicated to creating theatre that inspired and ignites the imagination of its audiences. In their ten year history they have toured extensively across the UK and internationally, performing in over eighty cities across different countries, including Switzerland, Denmark, Montenegro, Austria and Mexico. Since forming in 2010, the company have won a prestigious Scotsman Fringe First, two Kotorski Awards for Outstanding Performance and Best Design.

The company have received two Two Theatre Award nominations and two Arches Brick Award nominations alongside being the first UK company to ever be nominated for the Grünschnãbel award for young companies at the Figura Theater Festival in Switzerland. Most recently the company undertook a run in New York as part of the Brits off Broadway season at 59E59 Theaters where they received a prestigious Critics Pick in the New York Times.