A man is given the chance to gain all the worldy power and wealth he could possibly desire. All it will cost is the loss of his soul, something he doesn’t even think he needs, in this life or the next…

A Slovenian version of Faust’s cautionary story. No matter how clever you may think you are, attempting to outwit the Devil is never a good idea…

An immersive production which combines the style, techniques and inspiration of pioneering Slovenian puppeteer Milan Klemenčič’s miniature theatre version of this classic tale with innovative contemporary filmic methods.

The interlacement of the replicas, made after the original marionettes by Slovenian puppeteer, video projections, unveiling the work of animators and actors as well as the contemporary version of the story, rewritten by the novelist Célia Houdart were a genuine success both in terms of their aesthetics and dramaturgy. Le Monde

Open the Owl is a stage work with a refined feeling for a wide range of theatrical tools, languages and procedures, but at the same time an excellent social experiment that, the moment we perceive it as such, turns back into a theatre piece – it is an attempt that requires theatricality, a theatre environment and its conventions. Delo

Herbin has intrigued audiences with his rewrite of this age-old tale of ruse, manipulation and ambition and hoped to give spectators a taste of independence. Radio France International


The Ljublana Puppet Theatre (LPT) is the main Slovenian puppet theatre staging puppet and drama performances for children, youngsters and adults. Its predominant target audiences are children and young people. The public institution was established in 1948 (as the City Puppet Theatre) and has been based in Mestni dom in Krekov Square since 1984. In its work, the LPT builds on the hundred-year tradition of Slovenian puppetry. With the establishment of the Museum of Puppetry and the Ljubljana Castle, the LPT officially became the caretaker of this precious, century-old heritage. The theatre manages five regular and several smaller, occasional venues. At these venues, which offer seating for approximately a thousand people, it produces fifteen premieres a year and is visited by around 110,000 spectators.