In this two-day workshop on micro cinema theatre, participants will explore how video and CCTV cameras, projectors and simple everyday objects can be used to discover secret worlds usually hidden to the human eye.   

Playing with scale, focus and light and exploring two and three dimensions, we can decide which materials work best for the stories we want to tell. Combining these discoveries with more traditional forms of performance, we can create a theatrical style that allows the performers to share the space with the screen.

Suitable for all creatives on or off stage. 

After leaving The Little Angel Theatre in London, Gavin Glover went on to co-found Faulty Optic Theatre of Animation which toured its deliciously dark adult puppet shows around the globe for over 20 years. Now freelance and based in Glasgow, Gavin specialises in visual theatre and contemporary puppetry and often collaborates with other artists. He also runs workshops in Micro Cinema Theatre and what he calls Nasty Puppetry. He is currently making short experimental videos.

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Image Credit: Gavin Glover