Renowned theatre artist Ramesh Meyyappan presents the UK premiere of Love Beyond (Act of Remembrance) – a love story, but not a typical one.  

Harry has dementia. He also uses sign language. As he moves into a new home, he is accompanied by memories that dance like ghosts around him. Events from the past seem newly present; a visit from his wife rekindles their love – he imagines they are young and together again. 

Harry’s carer provides him with some solace, but just as the determined nurse begins to learn Harry’s sign language, he begins to forget it, leaving him in a unique world where he must confront the only thing that remains – himself. 

Love Beyond is a beautiful, tender and visually creative new show from renowned theatre artist Ramesh Meyyappan, directed by Matthew Lenton. 


Production Credits:

Director: Matthew Lenton

Performer: Ramesh Meyyappan

Image Credit: Niall Walker