Into the Long Green Jaws is an immersive performance presented by Long Green Jaws, the collaborative name of artist/musicians Sarah McWhinney and Fergus Hall. This show brings together experimental ambient improvised music, visual theatre, installation, puppetry and performance art to explore the intricacy and balance of coastal environments as multi-layered meso-ecosystems. Clinging to the rock, formed and eroded over millions of years, weed and algae give life to microscopic organisms that nourish crustaceans and barnacles, a complex and delicate habitat that moves with the rhythm of the tide.   

How do we navigate these spaces without jeopardising and destroying them with pollution, ocean plastics, anthropomorphic sounds and climate change? What do the Scottish folktales and myths intertwined with the coastline say about how our relationship with these environments has changed over time? These questions are explored, using projected visuals and live music to create our interpretation of a complex, multi-layered habitat into which the audience is invited to explore and inhabit alongside us.    

Relaxed performance – Sunday 5 February 11am 

There will be a relaxed performance on the morning of Sunday 5 February for those who may not feel comfortable within a formal theatre context, for example young children or those with accessibility requirements.  If you have any questions about this relaxed performance and how it may meet your access needs please contact [email protected].


Production Credits:

Performers: Sarah McWhinney and Fergus Hall

Producer: Roisin O’Brien

Puppetry and Visual Consultant: Gavin Glover

Max Patch Developer and Adviser: Ollie Hawker

Image Credit: Long Green Jaws