Forest VIDEOLAB is a series of unique, site-specific, public video projection mapping artworks with original soundscapes. These works highlight and transform public green spaces and question our place in nature.  

Visual artist and creator of Forest VIDEOLAB, Mettje Hunneman, will explore the natural versus the synthesized in displays experimenting with the mechanics of ‘motion in nature’ and site-inspired sound, projecting into an environment which has inspired its creation.  

Using an E-Bike equipped with projection gear, portable power, solar panel and all-terrain tyres, Forest VIDEOLAB will transform and integrate with this urban green space. 

Come along after dark to see and hear beautiful and uncanny audiovisual intervention in, amongst and on the city’s trees. 

This is an unticketed event.  Click here or email [email protected] to register your interest and receive more information/ an audio link ahead of time.