“A pleasing, teasing commentary about the seeming reality of what’s on screen and what is actually real.” — Mary Brennan, The Herald

“We watched a film last night. And we can’t get it out of our heads.”

Shotput presents a dance-theatre show exploring voyeurism and the power dynamics in relationships.  

Shotput’s mischievous, dark-humoured take on role-play within relationships, Ferguson and Barton is a mixture of dance, theatre, and live cinema. The couple on stage have different takes on last night’s film. Through re-enacting their favourite moments – sometimes with more success than others – they go to some very sticky places, confronting the subtle power dynamics of their own relationship. Through this strange process, they see each other anew. Whether they like what they see is a different question. 

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s controversial masterpiece Vertigo, Ferguson and Barton is for the cinephiles in us all. For those of us who’ve been on a date at the movies, and who didn’t know if the end was a comedy or a tragedy. For those of us whose dreams are like little films – and our nightmares.

Made in association with Platform and Perth Theatre. Supported by Cumbernauld Theatre.  

Production Credits:

Co-creators and Performers: Lucy Ireland and Jim Manganello

Creative Producer: Helen McIntosh

Designer: Anna Yates

Lighting Designer and Production Manager: Emma Jones

Video Designer: Rob Jones

Dramaturg Consultant: Lu Kemp

Image Credit: Shotput