PREY: You ever eat a woman?


PREDATOR: Not yet.

Loud dress, no shoes – Prey slips in the rain, every raindrop a tooth. The Man, watching his neighbours from the shadows of his flat, sees breakups, group sex, a dog die and revive, and her – melancholic, solitary. For Predator nothing will ever be the same again.

One night, slipping through the liminal spaces, three nameless people download Tor, leave grandmother’s house and run for their lives. EAT ME is a luscious, incendiary theatre show about unconventional love, chaos, control and the shifting complexities of power.

Snap-Elastic is a Scottish female-led theatre collective, led by Alice Mary Cooper, Eszter Marsalko, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby.

“a vision of excess consumption in a world where lust for sensory pleasure turns cannibalistic.” ★★★★ The Guardian



Originally conceived by Eszter Marsalko, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby

Devised and Performed by: Ian Cameron, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby

Choreographer: Christine Devaney

Costume Designer: Annie Hiner

Director: Eszter Marsalko

Director of Photography: Conor O’Toole

Fight Director: Emma Claire Brightlyn

Lighting Designer: Simon Hayes

Production Manager: Sian MacGregor & Emma Jones

Set Designer: Anna Orton

Sound Designer: Matthew Collings

Stage Manager: Craig McNeill

Videographer: Rob Jones

Writer: Luke Sutherland

Dramaturgical support from Caitlin Skinner

EAT ME has been made in association with Curious Seed, and with support from Perth Theatre, Macrobert Arts Centre, Figurteatret i Nordland and Creative Scotland.

Image Credit: Mihaela Bodlovic