Dracula lives in a coffin…… of music!

Welcome to this winter’s ear-worm: the world premiere launch of LARDS’ first music video!

Sick beats, mellifluous harmonies and vampiric terror come together as Dracula finds a band of his own to battle the winter blues. Or was it the band that found Dracula? Either way, the contagion is as real as the hairs rising on your hand right now.

Get your winter bod ready-blue and stiff – for the vampiric party tune of the season!


LARDS is a brand new ensemble made up of Scotland’s finest physical comedians and visual theatre creators: L(ewis Sherlock), A(ndrew Simpson), R(uxandra Cantir), D(ylan Read), S(ita Pieraccini). LARDS draw on their unique combination of specialisms in clown, bouffon, character work and visual/physical theatre to create original live performances that are visually arresting, emotionally moving and of the highest artistic standards.


Thanks to Puppet Animation Scotland, Anatomy Arts, Singe End Collective, Fergus Dunnet, Summerhall and Starla Studios.


Drackattack is a part of our Digital Festival, through which you can experience boundary-pushing visually led performance and animation, broadcast direct to your home. Please note that you must have access to the internet and a laptop, tablet or similar device in order to attend this event.

Each event will receive a live ‘premiere’ as part of an evening line-up, and will be subsequently available to catch-up until midnight on Sunday 7 February. You can purchase a DAY 5 PASS which allows you premiere and catch-up access to all the works featured on that day.