Climb through the dense foliage and join the search for a new friend in folly.

Loneliness and isolation can do strange things to the mind. And what you hunger for might end up being hard to swallow.

Brought to life at a time of newly heard birdsong. David and Sita present Crunch, an intimate journey of a nimble figure in a barren world with a taste for the… crunchy?

2021 marks the 10 year Anniversary of Bird, initially performed as a work in progress at The Arches, Glasgow, as part of the Arches Live Programme 2011. The creation and performing of Bird has continued to inform our practices as artists. Crunch celebrates Bird’s roots in live performance as well as its journey from work in progress, to mid-scale, to a full-scale production. We hope you enjoy our bite-sized rendition and we hope to see you at a live performance of Bird some time in the future.” – Sita and David

An unspoken invitation to look at the world differently” **** Fest Magazine on BIRD


Sita is a performer and theatre maker specialising in clown, physical/visual theatre and music. Sita enmeshes multisensorial practices with character and clown to create her work. David A. Pollock is a musician, composer and sound designer with a strong connection to nature and organic audio. They created Bird which had its Made in Scotland debut in 2016.


Supported by Paisley Arts Centre.


Crunch is a part of our Digital Festival, through which you can experience boundary-pushing visually led performance and animation, broadcast direct to your home. Please note that you must have access to the internet and a laptop, tablet or similar device in order to attend this event.

Each event will receive a live ‘premiere’ as part of an evening line-up, and will be subsequently available to catch-up until midnight on Sunday 7 February. You can purchase a DAY 5 PASS which allows you premiere and catch-up access to all the works featured on that day.