A work-in-progress performance in its first sharing as part of MANIPULATE Festival 2023.

On a moonlit night, you walk home alone, passing glowing interiors on a deserted street. Something sweeps past the edges of your vision and suddenly fear has you in its grip. A creature furrows in the urban waste land, scavenging for scraps in a world where they do not belong. Ears twitch and eyes dart in your direction. She holds you in her gaze and you are transfixed by terror and desire.

Blood Moon is a reverse werewolf story about the transformation of body and mind during the menstrual cycle, the sometimes alienating impact of this process, and the nurturing, restorative power of the collective.

This first sharing of the work is created and performed with a community ensemble of menstruators who have come together to share their lived experience, to move as a pack, and to howl at the moon. An outdoor, physical theatre encounter like no other.

Join us for an unexpected gathering in the Summerhall Courtyard on Wednesday 8 February at 6.30pm (20-minute running time approx.). All welcome. This is an outdoor event, so please check the forecast and dress accordingly.

Blood Moon is a collaboration between theatre artist-performers Amy Conway and Melanie Jordan is supported by Magnetic North Theatre Company’s Seed Fund 2022.

Design by Fergus Dunnet & Julia Darrouy, with lighting by Brian Hutchison.