The moon is very far away, and so are we…

Ayla and Teo went to the moon together, but Ayla came back alone.

When the moon is full, Ayla watches to catch a glimpse of Teo. Captivated and tormented by the sight of her beloved, so far away, out of reach, she must use what means are within her power to grasp the threads of the relationship and bring it back to Earth.

Longing turns to frustration and confusion as Ayla tries to connect with Teo. Their relationship comes in and out of focus, sometimes magical, sometimes impossible.

A Scottish-Argentinian collaboration, Between Earth and Moon is a storytelling piece exploring loneliness, nostalgia, connection and human relationships. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s short story ‘The Distance of the Moon’, this intimate piece will be performed simultaneously in Argentina and Scotland and embed live-streamed performers into the show’s design across two continents.

Presented in partnership with SURGE as part of their Bursary Programme.

Image credit: Seamus Killick