A womxn-led showcase of extraordinary and award-winning stop-frame and VFX from the animated film industry. This dynamic and vibrant programme pushes the boundaries of animated film, showcasing a wide range of tones, textures and styles from puppet animation to curated showcases and music videos. This new programming strand champions the work of women (cisgender, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer or intersex) and aims to address the current gender imbalance of the animated film industry.

Featured as part of the programme are animators Ali Aschman (England), Amanda Aiken (Scotland), Aurélie Gauthier (Ireland), Camile Kater (Brazil), Eleanor Stewart (Scotland), Ellie LaCourt (USA), Erentia Bedeker (South Africa), Kate Jessop (England), Kelli Williams (USA), Martyna Koleniec (Czech Republic), Vanessa Sweet (USA) and Victoria Watson (Scotland).

The programme has been curated by Puppet Animation Scotland with the support of Animated Women UK (AWUK), Scotland and PANIMATION.


After the screening, AWUK will lead a creative panel discussion with five animators selected from the Animated Womxn programme to discuss their creative practice and to reflect on their experience as a womxn within the animated film industry. Founded in 2013, AWUK aims to change the gender landscape by building a vibrant network that facilitates mentoring, knowledge exchange and education for womxn in a male dominated society.

The panel will be lead by Victoria Watson and the panelists are Kate Jessop, Camila Kater, Erentia Bedeker, Vanessa Sweet and Ali Aschman.


Before the screening join the founders of PANIMATION for a fun evening with chats and games, exploring how to combat gender stereotypes through character development when generating new stories. Find out more here.


Ali Aschman is a visual artist and animator from South Africa and the United States, currently based in London. Her recent stop motion films explore anxiety and depression through poetic narrative, embodying psychological identity in multiple forms. aliaschman.com

Amanda Aiken is a storyboard artist and animator based in Scotland. Recently she was a clean up artist on ‘Klaus’, the Oscar-nominated animated feature. ajaiken.com

Aurélie Gauthier is French but lives in Dublin. After many years of working in different industries, she started working in animation first as a script coordinator on the Disney TV series ‘Space Chickens in Space’, and then as a Production Manager on the TV series ‘Urban Tails’. She is currently working at Cartoon Saloon as Animation Coordinator on a feature film. linkedin.com/aurelie-gauthier

Camila Kater is a director, animator and production designer. After graduation from Film & Television Production at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, she has delivered a number of productions as animator, art director and puppet maker. Camila is a member of Campinas Animation Film Center and co-founder / coordinator of the slug (La Extraordinary Week Shows Animated) who completed three editions at Unicamp, with the support of festivals like MONSTRA (Lisbon Animated Film Festival), ANIMAGE (Festival International of Animation of Pernambuco) and StopTrik International Festival (Slovenia and Poland). camilakater.com

Eleanor Stewart is an award-winning Animation Film Maker and Paper Artist and the Director of Clubhouse, an Independent Animation Studio based in Glasgow, Scotland. She specialises in creating playful hand-crafted models and animations out of paper and has produced work for a variety of clients. Her animations have been screened in the UK and internationally, including performances with live symphony orchestras. eleanorstewart.co.uk

Ellie LaCourt is a Brooklyn-based artist, animator and filmmaker. She recently received her Batchelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Northeastern University & the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. Her work lives at the intersection of animation and documentary, exploring issues of identity with a personal lens. ellielacourt.com

Erentia Bedeker is a writer, animator and artist born and bred in Damaraland, Namibia. Bedeker studied at the University of Stellenbosch where she received a bachelor’s degree in Acting and an honour’s degree in Afrikaans and Dutch. She is also a published poet, freelance puppeteer, and performer with a post-grad in education. @erentiabedeker

Kate Jessop is a multi award-winning animation filmmaker. She represented the UK in the Best of Women in Film and TV and was selected for the Berlinale Talent Lab both with her portfolio as a director and with her comedy series Tales From Pussy Willow chosen for development in the Project Lab. She has worked across narrative film, comedy, illustration, live visuals, music video and motion design and utilises 2D animation, stop motion and live action in her work. @katejessopfilm

Kelli Williams is an animator and visual artist. In her personal work, she uses stop motion and experimental animation, photography, installation, and humor to create work that comments on society through the lens of social media and technology. Her stop motion animation work includes an array of different techniques including 3D modeling, 3D printing, mold making, character design, puppet building, lighting, set construction, painting, sewing, pattern making, storyboarding, sound recording, and video editing to create animations that have been screened in the film festival and gallery environment. kelliswilliams.com

Martyna Koleniec  is an independent self-taught animation director, animator and character designer from Warsaw, Poland, currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. She’s mainly specialised in stop motion music videos that she created by herself from puppets, scenography to animation. Her clips “Lullaby”, “Alien Scars” were screened on festivals in America, Europe and Asia. New music video for KEJNU “Photons” was premiered at Stop Motion Montreal festival and it will have it’s online realise in January 2020. @martynakoleniec

Vanessa Sweet is a multi-disciplinary artist that specialises in illustration and animated short films. Vanessa’s work often touches upon themes of social and environmental advocacy, activism, and sustainability through the use of 2D animation. er motto is “think globally, act locally” and she has sought to embody this in her practices while she lived in various U.S locals like Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, New York and Alaska too. sleepingfoxstudios.com

Victoria Watson graduated as an animator in 2006 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee. For the last eleven years, Victoria has thrown herself into commercial and online production. Victoria has worked for companies, Muckle Hen and The Gate. In 2017, she left The Gate Films to join Rhona in running Eyebolls as Creative Producer. eyebolls.com


Animated Womxn is a part of our Digital Festival, through which you can experience boundary-pushing visually led performance and animation, broadcast direct to your home. Please note that you must have access to the internet and a laptop, tablet or similar device in order to attend this event.

Each event will receive a live ‘premiere’ as part of an evening line-up, and will be subsequently available to catch-up until midnight on Sunday 7 February. You can purchase a DAY 6 PASS which allows you premiere and catch-up access to all the works featured on that day.

Image (c) CARNE by Camila Kater


    Ali Aschman/England 2018
    2.58 minutes

    A woman discovers her own fractured self in the room next door. Body Echo expresses psychological fragility and fragmentation of identity.


    Amanda Aiken/Scotland 2020
    1.09 minutes

    Waves of small coloured glass pieces weave across screen. Shapes appear, merge and disintegrate. There are patterns in the disorder. From the chaos a form is created.


    Aurélie Gauthier/Dublin 2020
    2.21 minutes

    A short film based on the directors point of view on the male gaze in a metaphorical sense. A reflection on past experiences and a message of hope.


    Camila Kater/Brazil 2019
    12.01 minutes

    Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. Through intimate and personal stories, five women share their experiences in relation to the body, from childhood to old age.


    Eleanor Stewart/Scotland 2016
    3.30 minutes

    A charming paper caper about a group of woodland friends trying to track down a naughty beaver, who all suspect that someone is up to no good in the wood. They get together to track down the culprit, but it's not as easy as they might think, and all it not as it seems...


    Ellie LaCourt/USA 2018
    3.50 minutes

    A stop-motion film in which the animator performs her beauty routines on a puppet of herself. By removing these rituals from the contexts in which they are normalised, the film reveals how strange and unsettling they can be.


    Erentia Bedeker/South Africa 2020
    8.48 minutes

    Two SALE toys, cruelly rejected by the buying public because they are different... plan a daring escape and end up somewhere unexpected... and quite wonderful.


    Kate Jessop/England 2020
    5.07 minutes

    A collaboration during the 2020 quarantine between 14 LGBTQ+ identified animators around the world, the structure is based on the old Surrealist drawing game Exquisite Corpses.

  • THIS IS TRU (Episodes 1-3)

    Kelli Williams/USA 2017
    4.02 minutes

    This is Tru is a stop-motion animated series that follows the misadventures of Tru Collins, a quirky, twenty-two-year-old student who is trying to understand her place in the world.


    Martyna Koleniec/Czech Republic 2020
    3.10 minutes

    Hidden Beams' "Hidden" taps into the dark clouds of early psychedelia, creating a stirring, disquieting storm that culminates in an ultimately emotionally uplifting moment.


    Vanessa Sweet/USA 2018
    3.45 minutes

    A woman struggles to cope with her mantle as a mother while questioning the pressure placed on the individual by societal, religious, and governmental expectations and prejudices.


    Victoria Watson/Scotland 2018
    4.20 minutes

    The stop motion animated character is tired of life without his wife Elsie and when he misplaces his beloved picture of her, a journey begins.