Once upon a time there lived three sisters. They lived in the middle of nowhere with only a vague sense of time. They existed as if in a dream and, for them, that dream was real life. They moved like sleepwalkers and danced as though chasing the last departing train. Like Siamese triplets they shared everything in each other’s lives, as though they were one. Experiencing an eternal present, they have no sense of a future. Can anything break the fractured rhythms of their everyday?

Samolœt is made up of a group of leading experimental visual theatre artists who harness their Russian training and heritage with contemporary western European techniques and concepts to create intriguing and emotionally powerful work. This production has been acclaimed at leading festivals throughout Europe.

The performance of nostalgia, at the same time familiar to everyone, is at the same time indescribable. Nostalgia for a place or time – does not matter. This is an interesting theatrical study, similar to a psychotherapeutic session. Galina Suprunovich, Saint-Petersburg

“After Chekhov” is not about the possibilities of interpretation, but about the associations of the production team, connected in particular with the play “Three Sisters” and, more broadly, with the rhythms and melody of Chekhov’s dramaturgy in general. Sonia Dymshits, Saint-Petersburg


La Compagnie Samolœt is a new Paris-based puppet company which debuted in 2016 with a chamber show Depuis… the company is built on the principles of theatre d’auteur, the auteur beign the whole creative team: all do everything – make up the story, create the space, construct the puppets, perform onstage. Samolœt (which translates from Russian as “airplane” and literally means “flying by itself”) has no specific target audience, genry, stylistic, or thematic boundaries – it flies by itself wherever it feels like.