Does the ability to communicate anytime, anyplace, really help us to connect? How much stress and tension do you feel at times because you’re expected to be constantly “connected”?

Does instant connectivity help our attempts to make meaningful relationships with our surroundings and our fellow humans? Or does it reinforce feelings of isolation and inadequacy as we reflect upon and react to connections made and lost?

A dynamic exploration of the ways in which modern methods of communications affect us all, using dance, physicality, aerial acrobatics, tight-wire walking and original music.

Since its formation in 2006 Paper Doll Militia’s innovative and exuberant approach to choreography and theatricality has captivated audiences around the world. The company has previously appeared at manipulate to great acclaim with EGG, UNCHAINED and UNHINGED.

The sophisticated circus of now. Edinburgh Review

Surprisingly delicate and mesmerizing – takes risks the momentum of the show never diminished when the acrobats touched ground. Rather they seemed propelled with story, pushing and recharging themselves against one another. Black and Gold Review


Paper Doll Militia’s innovative approach to choreography and poignant use of emotional narrative and theatricality have gained the company the reputation of being pioneers in original aerial theatre. The Company was formed in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) in 2006, relocated to California in 2008, and set up their UK base in Scotland in 2013. Paper Doll Militia is currently touring WARPED in the US, Egg in the UK and is pleased to be debuting A Wire Apart at manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2020.