Andrea has been giving her lecture, but it’s not been going well. Previous presentations were marred by protests. She’s hoping the open-minded audience at MANIPULATE will hear her out. Andrea wants you to realise that half the world is suffering under the weight of a great burden. If you don’t wake up to this problem, everything we hold dear will fall apart. And we wouldn’t want that now, would we.

Multi award-winning company Jordan & Skinner presents a riotous show that cuts to the bone of gender politics.

This show, presented by the award-winning Jordan and Skinner, refuses to dilute the age-old complexities between men and women. A Younger Theatre, ****

A fun, tongue-in-cheek pulling apart of the trajectory of the male ego […] ****

Jordan and Skinner

Jordan & Skinner are a theatre company who want to see a world in which women take up space*.

We are based in Scotland and lead by performer Melanie Jordan and director Caitlin Skinner. We make joyful performance about the stuff that makes us angry. Our style is a mix of physical theatre, clown, dance, politics and visual metaphor with an unapologetically militant intersectional feminist agenda.

In 2018 we were awarded a fellowship with the Barbican and ArtWorks Alliance to develop our participatory practice. We are doing this in partnership with Platform where we are Associate Artists 2018 – 2019.

Our first production Sanitise won a Scotsman Fringe First in 2014 and was an Arches Brick Award nominee. Our second show At a Stretch for young audiences won a Three Weeks Editors’ Award 2017.

*by women we mean – trans, cis, non binary, gender non conforming, femmes, females, girls and more.